Cybersecurity for Nation’s Critical Infrastructure

SafeKrit Solutions
SafeKrit technology solutions are specifically designed for use in protecting critical infrastructure...
Safekrit Workforce Development
OT Cybersecurity training for operators, engineers and management

Securing the World’s
Largest Organizations

Water Treatment

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Professional Services

SafeKrit offers a full suite of Professional Services to augment the OT Cybersecurity solution. These services include

  • Customized Digital Twin to conduct vulnerability assessment, simulations and manpower development
  • OT Cybersecurity training for operators, engineers and management
  • OT and IT Cybersecurity Consulting Services
  • OT Cybersecurity Assessment

Our Vision

  • Our Vision
    Be a partner of choice and a trusted advisor for clients by providing leading edge OT Cybersecurity solutions to protect a Nation’s critical infrastructure from attacks by rogue, state, or non-state actors.

About our Company

SafeKrit Inc. has been established by a team of experienced executives focused on driving solutions and services to address the growing OT Cybersecurity threats to our Nation’s infrastructure. SafeKrit Inc offers a leading-edge OT Cybersecurity solution specifically target at Water treatment plants across all public and industry verticals. Our Services and Solutions are built around Zero Trust Architecture.
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